Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers, all-porcelain crowns, direct resin bonding and teeth bleaching are all methods of perfecting and enhancing the smile. Stunning results can be achieved by restoring teeth through cosmetic dentistry. A complimentary consultation may be scheduled to discuss any esthetic concerns you may have.


Dr. Kapadia uses cosmetic porcelain veneers to correct a number of aesthetic concerns. These elective procedures often change a smile dramatically.

All Porcelain Crowns

A crown is a protective cap that covers and strengthens the tooth. Crowns are recommended for cracked teeth, large fillings that may have broken down, large cavities as well as for protection of a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy. We also use All-porcelain crowns when a veneer does not provide adequate coverage for the tooth/teeth in question. A crown will look and feel just like your other teeth.

Direct Resin Bonding

Also known as composite bonding, direct resin bonding offers a conservative yet fast method of changing the appearance of teeth. Composite resin material is used to change the shape, size and color without extensive reduction of enamel and dentin.

Teeth Whitening

We offer several whitening/bleaching options including Zoom in-office whitening, and take home whitening trays.


Orthodontic Alignment

Dr. Kapadia performs orthodontic alignment at our office using Invisalign. Clear “aligners” are used to guide teeth to an ideal esthetic form. We will provide a complimentary consultation to answer any questions about orthodontic alignment.